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First post…

Posted by on April 10, 2012

Ok, so this is our first post.  We just got back from Palau and back to work.  We finished 9 days getting ready for our haulout, but we managed to fit in some fun too.   We had an underwater easter egg hunt which was a huge success with our daughter who learned to snorkel recently.  She was Thrilled!  Then we recycled the eggs, decorated in crayon with catchy phrases of easter and flags of Japan US Puerto Rico and Palau, for our son.  Unfortunately the camera ran out of batteries and no charger with us so youll have to use your imagination, but trust me it was COOL!


What did we get done.  Got the local hardwood Yellow Nara and made preliminary cuts for the new mast base.  Looked for apartments and bought a half share in a super cool diesel van for $500.  Love this van, even if it doesn’t go into third gear…max speed 30 MPH.  We were so excited with the van that we took it for the hour drive up to the capital on the compact road ( a multimillion dollar US project to support Palau where the US built a cool road through the country side to a gorgeous new Palau capital building – part of the US. compact agreement with Palau.


We also installed some nice LED lights and are using our composting head full time.  Removed the defunct propane stove and installed a nice hotplate and tile counter top and installed a new waterlock muffler and exhuust system to replace the old system which was installed wrong and sheared the mounting bolts off in the engine.  We loosened all the rigging in to prepare to remove the mast and removed the headsail and learned to fold and pack sails.  Great time and were ready to do a stint working in Guam to take a bit of a break.  Pictures to follow soon.  Chuck

3 Responses to First post…

  1. mowepalau

    Thank you Joe for stopping by.

  2. mowepalau

    Joe, I see that you do indeed have 2 Helis. Very cool blog you have and I love the helicopter video!

  3. Joe Berta

    Very cool project you have going, all very interesting and thanks for sharing!