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Fixed – Before and after pictures…..

Posted by on April 11, 2012

We have a very long project list on our boat.  When I first bought her for $18000, almost nothing worked.  No electrical, no water, no windlass, old rigging and chainplates, no bilge pump, all seacocks rusted open.  I am able to get about 10 days in a row each month to live on the boat and fix her so at this point we have put in about 700 hours restoring her.  I have a friend in Palau that I pay $200 per month to watch the boat daily and to do basic cleaning and painting.

When I first went aboard, the boat had water (mostly freshwater from rain leaks) up to the floorboards in the bilge – there was no bilge pump!  Even the propane tank had floated out of its compartment which was full of rainwater and wouldn’t drain. Check out some of our before and after pictures below.



2 Responses to Fixed – Before and after pictures…..

  1. Cameron

    So far I like what I read. Keep the content coming and I love the pics of course. You definitely have something to blog about! I’m envious.