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About Us

Tied up to Sam's dock for some fuel and water.

Were a family of four living in Guam and restoring a classic yacht in Palau.  Ivy, Chuck, Carla and Charlie.  Our kids are 5 and 8.

7 Responses to About Us

  1. Werdna

    #6 is the top reason we loved liinvg overseas–it is the BEST! You will miss it so much when(ever?) you go back to the States. Your cultural perspective will change so much, too. You will be different people, changed forever, in a great way.We OFTEN talk about moving overseas again, often. It was such a hard, HARD (don’t forget that, but be able to move past it) time, but so very, very blessed, too. We miss the family time. All the things we got to see and do. The life experiences it taught us and the kids. The uniqueness of it. The way you just aren’t affected by materialism as much.I hope you all LOVE it, and I hope you keep blogging about it so we can live vicariously through you :) haha!many blessings,beth

  2. frank sortin

    Hi: I am Philip Sortin’s father so your cousin Bethe is my daughter-in-law, and she sent your blog to me and I remember she was at your wedding renewal in Puerto Rico. Chuck, I am eighty years old, a retired optometrist, take care of a wheel chair confined wife but am still vicariously interested and facinated by the things ‘kin-folk’ do. Your story of boat restoration was of much interest to me and I can experience what you do as I love doing projects and can experience these things through others. Would appreciate you sending me your work and observations. Thanks

  3. belleaurore

    Chuck, I spent only a couple months in Guam but enough to know its a beautiful place. As they say, Where America’s day begins. I’m not a sail boater but we are restoring a 1978 Hatteras and I’m learning the pains of restoration. We will follow your progress and look forward to pictures. I’ll tell you a quick one that really woke me up during my first visit to Guam. Second day there I was doing work for the Port of Guam and commented to my coordinator how nice it was that the Hilton dug out all those swimming holes in Tumon Bay (know my spelling is off on that one). You know the ones that are everywhere and about 15 feet across. My coordinator looks t me like I just rode in on the stupid waggon and says; those are not dug out swimming holes but bomb craters where the Americans blasted the island for days prior to an assault during WWII. That was 1984 and I dove into the history of Guam. I know you guys will enjoy your time there. Keep the blogs and pictures coming. Bo

    • mowepalau

      Guam is great and we live very close to Tumon Bay. Funny, we didnt know about those craters 😉
      but it makes totally sense. Ivy

  4. Jacob


    Your blog is looking great so far! Let me know if I can do anything to help out.

    • mowepalau

      Thanks Jacob. Just learning the ropes and so far so good. Chuck

  5. mowepalau

    Its been 7 months since we bought our boat and the rebuild has been a blast. We finished installing a new electrical system and exhaust system from scratch and rejuvenated many broken systems and now have a completely livable boat in an awesome location ripe for adventures. We have taken her out 7 time now and are loving it. The kids are getting amazing experiences and this has been one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures we have undertaken. The theme so far has been…What seems impossible becomes possible with some courage, patience and good research and advice.

    Stay tuned, next month is a crane hauout onto the keel with jackstands to hold the boat up and a complete bottom job and mast restoration. biggest project yet……Chuck

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